Construction Services

All of our foremen are in a working position and have had many years of underground experience with our company. We do not have a high turn over of employees and take pride in the long-term commitment of our personnel.

Our foremen are capable of operating all of our equipment and we have the confidence in them to handle any job that we acquire. They have a vast knowledge of in-the-field experience and have been successful in completing jobs in an efficient and timely manner. Our expertise has always been in the underground placing of utilities. With a fleet of backhoes, directional bore equipment, trenchers and various support tools; we have the capabilities of handling any size project.



LTEC was one of very few companies that dove head first into the HDD industry over 13 years ago. Over those years LTEC has owned and operated over 35 Ditch Witch drilling units from the 440 umbilical units to the powerful JT7020. LTEC has completed bores up to 2200 feet in length and pipe diameters up to 36". Rock, clay, or cobble are no match for our experienced crews who are expert operators/locators and advanced in fluid design LTEC has also completed many bores utilizing rock technologies such as mud motors and recyclers. LTEC has drilled under rivers, streams, houses, through mountains and has installed a huge variety of product including but not limited to PVC, HDPE, SDR 35, C900, Environmental Remediation Wells, steel pipe, direct buried cable, grade bores, and Geothermal Ground Loop Systems, In short there isn't much that LTEC hasn't accomplished in terms of HDD installations.

In addition, we have one of the few in-house Ditch Witch Directional Boring simulators. This state of the art machine allows any of our operators to interact via actual controls and computer simulation, to gain experience and practice on boring skills and methods.


Leading Edge American Auger Bore Machine.



Fiber Optics has become a major construction entity for us and starting in 2000 we have geared up to meet the demand for placing these vast infrastructures. We currently have seven fiber-blowing machines (with air coolers), seven power pacs, three hydraulic mid-assist units, hogg-davis cable trailers, winch trucks and numerous reel trailers. These along with all of our support equipment, gives us the capability to install and/or remove almost any size of copper or fiber optic cable.


As with any underground utility work involving excavations, the law requires positive location of existing utilities. No matter what the method of excavation (backhoe, trencher, directional bore machine) all utilities that are to be crossed need to be verified for location and depth. Since this can be a substantial hand labor-intensive process, we have added the capabilities of trailer mounted “Jet Vacs”. These machines using high pressure water and vacuum pumps are capable of excavating an eight inch hole, ten feet deep, to expose existing underground utilities. Depending on ground conditions this can be accomplished in as little as ten minutes with no worries about damaging any facilities.


LTEC has the capabilities to trench in large volumes utilizing one or both of our trenchers. Our Ditch Witch RT185 is a rubber tired excavator set up with a dirt chain and can trench as wide as 8 inches and up to 7,000 linear feet per day under the right circumstances. For tougher jobs we turn to our T658 Vermeer track trencher. This unit can be set up with Different rock chains that can achieve trench width sizes from 12" to 24". The T658 has the unique ability to trench in asphalt and self load into dumptrucks as it trenches simplifying cleanup and grinding asphalt to backfill. LTEC has you covered on any trenching projects!


LTEC also provides complete OSP buildouts with Fiber, Copper or both. We are complete turnkey from concept to finish product. 


FUSING - LTEC also fuses HDPE (high density polyethylene) pipe as well as fusable C-900. We have two butt fusion machines and three electrofusion machines capable of fusing pipe up to twelve (12) inches in diameter.