Leo Tidwell Excavating Corporation has been a utilities contractor for the past forty-six (46) years. This includes substructure: (Plowing, trenching, excavating, directional boring, rodding, pulling, paving, conduit and cable placing, fiber placing and pulling and manhole placement).

Our present markets include all ‘dry’ utilities, specializing in underground telephone and power substructure placement. Our customers include major companies (Verizon, SBC, AT&T, MCI, Sprint, Qwest, Williams Communications, PG&E, SCE, The Gas Company and Kiewit Pacific (Level3 Communications).


Our area of work includes the central part of California, the coast to the Nevada border; from San Jose to Los Angeles, Bakersfield to Sacramento and the Lancaster to Bishop area. We will consider any projects in the state.

The opportunities for utility construction have been dynamic. Existing utility substructure is in need of upgrading, fiber optic is the choice of the future and new companies are entering the market; planning thousands of miles of conduit structure to keep up with the technology. We see this industry going forward and the demand for “turn-key” work is exceeding the capabilities of most contractors.

We have the full support of our local bank (Rabobank) and have an unprecedented work record from our current and past experiences placing plant facilities. We feel that Leo Tidwell Excavating Corporation can and will get the job done.

Leo Tidwell Excavating Corporation has the ability to submit proposals on large projects as well as doing day-to-day time and material jobs.

We currently meet all insurance requirements, including general liability and workers compensation. A copy of our current general liability coverage is available upon request, and can be customized to fit your specifications.

Leo Tidwell Excavating Corporation utilizes IBM compatible computers at all our facilities and have trained personnel skilled at today's software.

Construction Services

We are able to provide plowing, trenching, excavating, directional boring, rodding, pulling, paving, conduit/cable placing, fiber placing/pulling, aerial construction, copper/fiber splicing, removal and construction of all utility work. We have experience in water, sewer and storm drain work.

Craft Agreements

We currently have signed contracts with SBC, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Qwest, Level 3, PG&E and SCE. 


Leo Tidwell Excavating Corporation currently has approximately 30 full time employees efficient in all skill levels of utility construction. This is always a constant adjustment, depending on the workload. We can do a project from start to finish.

Key Personnel

We currently have a well-experienced management team at our disposal. Leo Tidwell Excavating Corporation has been in the Paso Robles Area for more than thirty (30) years involved in all aspects in the construction and maintenance of underground utilities. In that time we have expanded to other areas and have the capabilities of servicing the entire central California area from the west coast to the Nevada border. All of our foremen have a vast array of plant construction knowledge and are responsible for direct supervision for each job area. Our projects are managed by a strong group of dedicated supervisors, field managers, project monitors and crew foremen.

Safety Plan

Leo Tidwell Excavating Corporation currently has a formal safety program in place. This complies with Cal-OSHA SB 198 injury prevention guidelines. Included are codes of safe practices, accident procedures, safety inspections and investigations, correction of unsafe conditions and hazard communications. All foremen are required to do safety tailgate meetings 2x/month and formal safety meetings are conducted at each yard bi-monthly. All managers do "in the field" safety inspections on a monthly basis.

Our field supervisors and foremen are competent person certified; first aid trained, R/R trained and OSHA certified. Our company is a member of the DMV "pull notice" program and the CHP truck "bit" inspection program. All meetings and reports are documented and are available upon request.

We have both an anti-drug and alcohol misuse prevention plans in place.